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Aurora Bauzà i Pere Jou

Collaborations, Open call, 2021, 2020

We are Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou, composers who work with the body. The main objective of our investigation is the human voice and its relation with the body and the movement. As composers we understood long ago that music isn’t just a sound event but also a physic, visual, palpable, movable and transferable one. Our compositions are to be performed with the body but also with the light, the choreographic movement, the scenic rhythm… simply with everything we can throw to the so-called “scene”. Conceptually we are very interested in the processes of meaning creation, particularly those related to identity, both individual and collective. Jean Baudrillard, baroque and electronic music and an uninhibited love for the mainstream culture have influenced our ideas and thoughts. We are also indebted to the work of artists like Alessandro Sciarroni, Maud le Pladec or Sonia Gómez, with whom we have worked as composers and/or performers

  • 2020 · open call emerging artists · I AM (T)HERE
  • 2021 · collaboration BooMBeta · new project with Las Aventureras


I AM (T)HERE condenses our investigation about the relation between body and voice. It’s a work based on the constant repetition of a single note produced by the voice and on the superposition of a movement that emancipates the body from its voice-supporting physical role. This mechanism is the beginning of a personal language that allows us to create our own semantics within the interaction between body and voice, a transversal language that does not create hierarchies between performing art disciplines as movement and sound. The project we are conducting in Graner consists in fully developing this personal language with which we will close I AM (T)HERE as a scenic piece.

Also we have the objective to dig deeply in the mechanisms of identity construction, both individual and collective. Our research expresses itself not only through I AM (T)HERE but also beyond this piece. We believe that our mechanism is also very promising when applied to a group and that’s why, once finished and premiered the solo piece in Festival Grec 2020, we are planning to continue our work with WE ARE (T)HERE, a project that will allow us to put into practice the group version of our research.
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