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Marina Pravkina – JazzBetween

Open call, 2022

I am an artist, teacher and founder of the Jazzbetween project. My career in dance began in 2006, specifically in house dance and jazz fusion. I have worked mainly with Adrian Vega in Spain and have carried out workshops in Russia, Asia and Europe, where I have found inspiration in the different scenes associated with clubbing, performance and the visual arts, to breathe life into the Jazzbetween project. Since 2018, I have been working constantly on experimentation and research around the textures of sound and movement, the relationship between musical instruments and the dancing body. As a result of this research, I presented my first stage work, JazzBetween.LIVE, as part of Barcelona’s La Mercè Festival (2019), as well as my first partnership with Dutch choreographer Alesya Dobysh, Re.titled, which won the 15th Sabadell Choreography Competition (2020).

  • 2022 · open call ·  Grooves

An investigation into the essence of clubbing. A piece inspired by commonplace movements inside a club, to create scores of grooves including the movement of DJs, dancers, the crowd… on this occasion in the format of duet. From the very beginning, I have been seeking the essence of groove in the pulsing in society that has been latent since the 2020 closure of the great temples of music, those venues where you could find an escape, reflect and transcend the individual to attain the collective. I am building my research around the transformations of movements and physicality in connection and disconnection with the patterns of electronic music, and I want to lead two bodies to experience different types of bodily states in clubbing, in the format of a stage performance.

Foto Joan Carles Gomez Villamor.